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Welcome to the newest addition to my site! The Contributors Gallery.

The images and works contained on this page were contributed by my students of underwater photography and by a few friends. Most are works of my students and I am proud to present them here for your viewing. Please note they are copyrighted images. Hope you enjoy their work! There is a photography saying: ' there are picture takers and image makers' and the contributors endeavor to be 'image makers'. " I wish them all good luck and success in their future image making.

Spiegel Grove Propeller

Diver Portrait from Tori

Key Largo Coral Shrimp

Palau Manta by Bill


Dive The Spiegel Grove!

Playing Spiegel Grove Dive in WMV Format


Florida Keys Lobster

Splendid Cozumel Toadfish by Shelly B

Stonefish by Greg S

Octopus by Jan

Turtle eating Sponge

Yellow Tail Damselfish

Diver in Sihlouette

macro of arrowcrab by Brian B B

Goldentail Eel by Nikkie A

close-up of Gray Angelfish by Bill S

Goliath Grouper by Kelly

Christmas Tree Worms by Hans D

cool stuff in palau

key largo underwater photography instruction

scuba instruction in Key Largo

divers descend on a shipwreck in Key Largo

submitted by shy Mermaid

macro photography in Key Largo

captured with digital camera

Trumpetfish by Adam D

Snook by Adam D

territorial grunts S

Permit over the Reef by Lynn M

Pacific Butterflyfish by Greg S

Octopus by Deborah M

Eye 2 Eye by Battle V

Fish and Statue by Battle V

key largo sweetlips

Arrowcrab in Key Largo

frogfish in Hawaii

Hawaiian Reef Shark


Tiger Shark in Palau

Scorpionfish in Key Largo

Snapper eats Trumpetfish in Key Largo

Queen Triggerfish in Turks and Caicos Islands


Octopus in Key Largo

California Sea Lions

colorfull reef scene

night dive octopuss

Long Snout Butterflyfish by Greg S

French Grunts by Louis C

Loggerhead Turtle by Matthew L

Peacock Flounder by Matthew L

B&W Diving the Spiegel Grove by Hugh H

Southern Stingray by Hugh H

Gray Shark in Turks by Rob S

Black and White Mermaid on Spiegel Grove

underwater photography in key largo

Shark Photography in the Florida Keys

First Coast Divers Jacksonville FL

Squirrelfish in Coral

classic image from Truk, Chuuk,lagoon

Sea Snake from the Indo Pacific region

classic image from Lembeh

underwater photography Indonesia

photograph of coral reef in key largo

Key Largo scuba instruction and underwater photography


Aloha is a Hawaiian word and used both as a greeting and salutation. Yet there is also a spirit associated with the word Aloha. I vacationed , lived and worked in the Hawaiian Islands and the Spirit of Aloha was explained to me by one of my mentors a famous Hawaiian , Al Malone (actually Al is Irish but lived and shared the spirit with me):

The spirit of aloha is one of love, kindness and giving. Love and Kindness need not be defined but the spirit of giving in this context calls for elaboration. Giving something you have to someone in need of it, that you no longer need. Sharing out of love and kindness

I like that Spirit: the spirit of Love Kindness and Giving, and is the reason I sign my emails using 'aloha'.

The Contributors to this Gallery have the Spirit of Aloha and shared!

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