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Larry Gates, Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photographer
Topside with Friends in Key Largo, Florida

I try to teach my students of SCUBA and underwater photography, not just to be good divers or just to take good underwater photographs but to enjoy the 'total experience' both below and above the water.

The photographs on this page and its sister page, Fun Underwater, express the total experience. Such as the experiences of: The people you meet, new friends you make and the camaraderie. The eager boat rides to the dive site, and the more laid- back boat rides returning from the dive. The sharing food and drink while talking with your buddy about the 'cool stuff' you saw or photographed after the dive. There is the fun of kidding around about it all while relaxing during happy hour. These experiences and more are part of the lifestyle of being a scuba diver and an underwater photographer.

Enjoy this page and its sister page, Fun Underwater, and engage in the total experience of scuba diving!


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Larry Gates, your Florida Keys Dive Instructor, taking a breather in the beautiful waters off Key Largo

Larry with Doctor Sylvia Earle

Mother tests Scuba

with Bernie C infamous diver

Florida scuba diving couple

Great food vacationing in Key Largo

Belize Scuba Instructor

Evening out in the Florida Keys

scuba diving and instruction on dive boats are super for fun times in the Florida Keys

with Ryan Canon of Reef Photo Key Largo

Mermiad from the UK diving in Key Largo

taking sun after dive instruction in Key Largo

no dry suits today in the Florida Keys

Dan owns First Coast Scuba

debrief after underwater photography instruction in the Florida Keys

waiting for the dive boat

Hank keeps our mooring system in tact

Dick R brought Nitrox to scuba diving

They invented and patented a mooring system used to protect coral reefs around the world

 Congrats to my proud and happy new Divemaster

She is the best with film developing in the Florida Keys

 the one and only during Advanced Open Water course

after Rescue Diver course

 with Capt Lance of Calypso charters

after underwater photography course dive

 after scuba diving in the Florida Keys

Morgan W worked with Dick R to bring Nitrox to scuba diving

 One of my Florida Keys scuba classrooms

Good people that scuba dive

with the good Pirates

with hostesses at Holiday Inn Key Largo

logo tee in Lembeh

Chicks Dig Certified DIvers

sisters on vaca in Key Largo

friends dive vacation in the Florida Keyss

vaca from the UK

three generations of divers from Texas

underwater photography student in Key Largo

super guy to know from Canon

in the cage

hooking up in key largo

possible result of hooking up in Key Largo

diving for decades in the Florida Keys

best friends during scuba instruction in Key Largo

relaxing at end of day in the Florida Keys

scuba diving for the whole family

major slacking while scuba diving in Key Largo

with Capt Slate

great local entertainment in Key Largo

with underwater naturalist students and future Cousteaus

Paige, the youngest Mermaid.

Enjoying the topside fun in Key largo

Lady divers in Key Largo, Florida

Watching the sinking of our new wreck, the USS Spiegel Grove

Larry (right) and Friends in Key Largo

scuba diving and snorkeling fun for all ages in Key Largo

can prove that scuba diving aint brain surgery especially in Key Largo

pirates still walk the docks in Key Largo

celebrating a successfull underwater photography course in the Florida Keys

diving date  in the Florida Keys

scuba diving date

with hard working scuba diver in Key Largo

happy hour date after scuba diving in the Florida Keys

three amigos during underwater photography instruction in the Florida Keys

three more amigos on the dive boat in Key Largo

with Mike W one of my underwater photography mentors in Key Largo

with scuba diving friends during DEMA

scuba diving and and dive boats are super for fun times in the Florida Keys

with Stephen Frink in Key Largo

my proud guy with his daughter

with renowned artist Wyland in Key Largo

with graduates of my Hyperbarics Medicine course conducted by Dick Rutkowski in Key Largo

SoBe Divers at staff party

fun on the boat ride to the dive site

three friends enjoying the boat ride back in from the dive

at DEMA with Susan and Jim Joiner of Best Publishing

with photo journalists Lynn Layman and Linda Lee Walden of Dive Training Magazine

with T Mount after Spiegel Grove dive

with future marine scientists in Key Largo

Key Largo version of the digital darkroom

fun in yet another digital darkroom in Key Largo

taking time off from scuba diving to get married

more brits come to Key Largo to finish their scuba course and congrats

relaxing on the dive boat

scuba instruction classrooms are different in Key Largo and the Florida Keys

Two Mermaids Going Scuba Diving

High Tech Diving

Between Scuba Dives

Maggie at the Beach






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